The “H20 Rapid Deployment Boom” provides quick response for incidents that require a quick deployment on runaway spills. Simply un-roll the “H20 Rapid Response Boom” as you would a fire hose. Place the deflated unit in a defensive manner and fill with water. Continue adjusting as necessary, accommodating intended directional spill flow. Once the boom becomes partially or completely full, seal the end caps. The boom is now fitting the contours of the surface and directing the spill in a defensive manner. “H20 Rapid Response Booms” can be manufactured in a variety of dimensions and lengths, offering flexibility in design requirements.


  • Flush fitting to most surfaces
  • Quickly re-directs contamination releases
  • Can be used as a makeshift containment and control measure
  • Light weight and easy to deploy
  • Ease of decontamination-just wash or wipe clean (due to minimal permeable surface)