Storm Drain Filters

The Ultra-Urban® Filter is designed for use in storm drains that experience oil and grease pollution accompanied by sediment and debris. Trash and sediment accumulate in the internal basket while oil and grease is captured in the filtration media. Field tests have proven that the proprietary OARSâ Smart Sponge filtration media will remove an average of 95% of the oil and grease in storm water runoff – from low concentrations typical of residential areas to high levels associated with illegal dumping of used motor oil. The oil will permanently bond within the Smart Sponge and become permanently encapsulated, eliminating the possibilities of leaching or leaking back into the environment.


  • Removes oil, grease, trash and sediment
  • Smart Sponge media removes over 95% of oil and grease in stormwater runoff
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to maintain-can be serviced from street level
  • Cost-effective BMP (Best Management Practice)
  • Lightweight and easy to handle