Convential thinking is that there are two major factors to consider in an incident; containment and mitigation. So the obvious thinking is, there are also two major types of spill response products — those that contain the spill and prevent it from migrating, and those that will actually extract the substance that was released.

Spill response products are not just one or two items to resolve a potential or existing release, but a multitude of engineered as well as non-engineered group of products and systems. In addition, the products should not only be restricted to ER specific manufactured products, instead exploring manufactures of similar product composition can lead to more efficient and economic advantages.

Emergency Spill Response Products are critical in any ER (Emergency Response) condition. Choosing the correct combination of products & systems will improve safety, maximize ER efficiency, ultimately providing proper storage/containment of chemicals and a seamless mitigation of an ER incident.

Since 1993, Enviro Hazmat has applied varied types of “field tested” spill control and secondary spill containment products lines. The spill response product lines have ALL been field tested, addressing chemical combinations which range from countless types of hydrocarbons to the most reactive chemicals produced in the market.

When it comes to innovation, Enviro Hazmat has set the standard in ER spill response product market. Call 1-866-249-7583 to speak with an experienced representative.