OARS® Passive Skimmer

The OARS Passive Skimmer is designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons by floating directly on the water in storm water catch basins, sumps, and oil/water separators. As oil-polluted water flows into the basin, the OARS Passive Skimmers contain a proprietary blend of co-polymers, called the Smart Sponge, packaged in flexible mesh containers that are available in a variety of sizes. This non-leaching Smart Sponge is chemically selective to hydrocarbons and able to transform liquid petroleum hydrocarbons into a manageable solid waste. OARS Passive Skimmers also remove oil sheen.

  • Chemically Selective to Hydrocarbons.
  • Transforms pollutant into stable solid.
  • Removes sheen
  • Remains Completely Buoyant
  • Effective non-point source pollution prevention
  • Storm water BMP (Best Management Practice)
  • Will not photo degrade
  • Long-standing remediation
  • No modification of existing structure