Hazmat Site Assessments

Hazmat Site Assessments are studies undertaken to identify and investigate the potential for contamination on a property. The purpose of the Hazmat Site Assessment is to meet provincial and federal Standards. Hazmat Assessments involve the evaluation and reporting of existing information by carrying out preliminary historical review, field investigations and interviews.

A Hazmat Assessment may be prompted by following reasons:
1. reduce uncertainty about potential environmental liabilities
2. informed decision about property transactions such as plans to redevelop or change the use of a property
3. assist in meeting regulatory requirements
4. as initial step in site mitigation

A Hazmat Assessment may include the investigative procedures of sampling, analyzing, and measuring contamination levels. The study involves only reviewing existing information. The Hazmat Assessment, however, can comment on the likelihood of contamination being present, identify potential sources of contamination or the types of contamination that may be present; identify where those contaminants are likely to be found and methods of resolution.

Scope of Services:

  • • Investigate the existing conditions present at the subject site
  • • Preliminary Hazmat site evaluation
  • • Recommendations for intrusive investigation (including sampling of soil and contamination) if site conditions suggest potential hazardous environmental impacts