ESR Hazmat Responder

Introduction to Enviro Hazmat Training
Enviro Hazmat delivers Hazmat Spill Response training programs as an investigative approach to spill response, prior to the incident occurring. Enviro trains personnel on real-time planning and characterization of Hazardous Materials, with a guide to how the incident will happen, versus conventional training programs that only focus on how to prevent the incident from occurring.

Hazmat Spill Response
One of the first stages of training internal corporate responders is at the “Awareness Level” (NFPA-472 Spill Response Procedures). The students receive formal, table top exercises and basic classroom demonstration training. The program outlines a step by step process in hazardous materials identification using electronic equipment, senses and biological indicators. When a Hazardous Materials incident does occur, trained personnel will be confident in following through a sequential outline of decisions, leading to constructive findings in chemical characterization, chemical behaviour and reactivity. In addition, trained personnel will recognize the consequences associated with their decision making process to ultimately achieve positive end results.


Qualified Field Trainers
This proven system allows for new recruits to learn from an experienced on-site commander. Equally, Enviro encourages similar ongoing on-site training for Enviro clients, to obtain harmonization with Enviro Emergency Hazmat Responders, local emergency services such Fire/Rescue and Police. This field proven methodology allows for decisive management of protocols to be integrated with a safe tactical approach.

Chemical Inventory/Storage
Spill Response Planning starts with a detailed knowledge of chemicals on-site and off-site. Understanding chemical types and volumes which are part of a standard inventory count are important. However, this training program enhances the investigative approach on chemicals that are less commonly apparent in the basic inventory control methods. In furtherance, potential chemical risks/releases are then exposed, reduced, eliminated, or managed with engineered and non-engineered systems.

Environmental Regulations
In addition to this form of “Real Time” Spill Response Training, the program offers basic comprehension of liability as well as regulatory compliance at all three chief government agencies, Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels. Reporting is the key to any releases within the corporate boundaries, and/or migration off-site. It is critical in understanding the qualifiers for reporting, internally and externally to responsible parties at the corporate level and mounting government agencies. This program will provide a guideline on stewardship and liability parameters.

Student and Corporate Benefits
The E.S.R. “Responder Level” program will equip attendees with the knowledge to identify hazardous materials and implement the safest response plan and tactical procedures. The user will be confident in pre-planning, identifying the hazard, zoning, command, and applying the latest spill control products to the most up to date spill clean-up procedures. Upon completion of the theory component of the “Awareness Level” training program, the student must write an exam to evaluate the comprehension level. If successful, the student will receive a certificate from Enviro Hazmat ER Inc., valid for a two year period.