Enviro Emergency Sand Sock Insta-Berms

The “ENVIRO SAND SOCK BERM” provides quick response for incidents whereby a release may cause, or will cause an immediate adverse impact. The “ENVIRO SAND SOCK BERM” provides the emergency responder with an immediate response to a critical matter release. The “ENVIRO SAND SOCK BERM” is manufactured with a chemical resistant poly woven skin to a 3inch. x 8ft. dimension, weighing in at approximately 50 lbs. The “ENVIRO SAND SOCK BERM” conforms to the inconsistencies of outdoor surfaces to assist in diverting or stopping the flow of contamination run-off. This form of spill flow control is ideal in ALL weather conditions, especially during the cold winter seasons. Decontamination can be as simple as submerging the sock into a decon solution (and/or soap and water) and then pressure washing the residuals into a containment vessel.



  • Conforms to most surfaces
  • Quickly re-directs contamination releases
  • Can be used as a makeshift primary or secondary containment and control system
  • Weighted for Viscous Liquids
  • Ideal for Winter use conditions

“ENVIRO SAND SOCK BERM” can be manufactured in a variety of dimensions and lengths, offering flexibility in design requirements.

NOTE: All decontaminated liquids must be disposed of in the same manner as the initial contamination release.